Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue (a.k.a. Black Peoples Dialogue)


The Black Peoples’ Dialogue™ (also known as Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue™) was started as a Facebook page in 2015 to promote awareness after witnessing a series of racial activity aimed at Black People, specifically African American people.


The Black Peoples’ Dialogue™ is a cultural and community website and Afrocentric ideology with a GO.A.L.™ to UpLift™ and EmPower™ the many different peoples and communities of the Afrikan Diaspora. We promote konsciousness about the realities of the subjugation and oppression that continues to plague Black people around the world and knowledge in general about Afrika's place in history, its contributions to the world, and in general its history.

We publish content related to the whole Afrikan Diaspora, and even non-Afrikan, “Black” people. This includes historical events and stories, factual information, such as statistics, and concepts and ideologies, such as the epidemic of poverty and HIV/AIDS in Black Communities around the world.


GO.A.L.™ for us stands for GO Attain Life™. Our goals are to (1) bring about konsciousness to spark action to better the conditions of Black and Afrikan people around the world and (2) publish many articles encompassing the storied histories of Afrika and its diaspora that we become an online database of AfroCentric concepts, statisticals facts, and Black and Afrikan History.

Our Three Principles

Share insightful content, including historical facts, modern epidemics, and social injustices, to promote knowledge and awareness.
This is a core concept of the Black Peoples’ Dialogue. And it’s the only principle in noun form. This is because when someone is EmPowered, they become able to grow and develop on their own. Thus, they become like an entity, rather than part of an entity or dependent on the entity.
Some degree of unification needs to exist between a people in order for them to survive the realities of separatism. U.S. and European historical documents state that neighboring Afrikcan civilizations were divided and played against each other, which ultimately lead to the fall of many Afrikan societies, the rise of European domination around the world, and the colonization and subsequent subjugation of Afrika.

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