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Erykah Badu and her daughter Puma sings on “Good Morning Texas.”Photo: screengrab (WFAA) Tis’ The Season. Erykah Badu (a.k.a. Lo Down Loretta Brown a.k.a. Badulla Oblongata a.k.a. Sara Bellum a.k.a. A
Late Grammy nominee Chuck Brown, photographed here in 2011, was observed as the Godfather of the Go-Go sound, which dates back to the mid-1960s in D.C.Photo: Chris Pizzello (Associated Press) Chuck Br
Protesters vow to continue the unrest in Santiago until changes are made to Chile's constitution. Original link
Giannelli Imbula was born in Belgium and played for France U20s but has won international caps for DR Congo Stoke City have cancelled the contract of Giannelli Imbula by mutual consent with 18 months
[Black History Month\Etheridge Knight\Honoring Malcolm X] Etheridge Knight: "In the beginning was the word, And in the end the deed. Judas did it to Jesus For the same Herd. Same reason. You made them
[East African] The United Kingdom wants Kenya's veteran diplomat Amina Mohamed to take over the Commonwealth top job in what could be London's clawless coup in a Club it patronises. Original link
[Nation] Kenya will host the men and women's North East region qualifiers for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations set for May 11-17 at the Sikh Union Hockey Stadium in Nairobi. Original link
Screenshot: WBRZ2 Ideally, you really don’t want racists working in any position where they have to interact with the general public regularly. You don’t want them in education because black children
[Capital FM] Nairobi -The African Union (AU) says despite the continent having only one confirmed case of coronavirus, the effects of the outbreak that have hit China the hardest will be felt in the c
Image copyright ReutersImage caption Riek Machar (r) and President Salva Kiir addressed a news conference in Juba on Thursday Former South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar has been sworn in as first
Premature Ejaculation happens when a man experiences unbalanced ejaculation despite minimal penile stimulation either before or shortly after sexual penetration. It is also known as Rapid ejaculation,
Photo: Shutterstock I think it’s safe to argue there is no more racist person than an early 20s white kid all hopped up on Adderall, Prager U videos and Ben Shapiro podcasts. I mean, look at the greys
Photo: Shutterstock When you think of physicists you typically think of a white dude in a lab coat. My go-to is Professor Utonium, can’t even front. A task force of physicists has come together to pot
Image caption A carnival-goer wears a headdress decorated with the phrase "Love and Resistance" São Paulo was always thought of as Rio de Janeiro's boring cousin during carnival. The city that people
Photo: Karen Bleier (AFP via Getty Images ) I feel like if one were to go through the lawbooks of their state you would find many odd things you didn’t know were criminal. Conversely, you may also fin
[Congressional Black Caucus Institute\Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney] The CBCI will make the official announcement at a press conference during the Advocacy and Campaign Training workshop being held at Mot
Lotus Biscoff - 300 Count | $27 | Amazon I still haven’t forgiven United Airlines since that one time they trashed my guitar and shrugged it off when I complained. But when Gizmodo senior reporter Del
A plaque marks the gravesite of Emmett Till at Burr Oak Cemetery May 4, 2005 in Aslip, Illinois.Photo: Scott Olson (Getty Images) While many of us view lynchings as a thing of the past, the unspeakabl
[United States Senate] Washington, DC -Today, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), the only woman on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced her new legislation with Senator Lindsey Graham (
[Bronx Decade\State of the Borough] Bronx Borough President Diaz: “My goal has always been to leave The Bronx better than we found it, with more resources than I had when I was here in my youth." Phot
Wednesday’s Nevada Democratic debate was a blundering disaster for former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. The communications media mogul was reduced to a bumbling buffoon trying to explain his big
By Mark Gleeson Football Writer, South Africa South Africa were due to play Japan in a friendly in March. South Africa will not send its Olympic football team to Japan to play a friendly in March beca
[State Department] Today, Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump announced a new partnership in support of the White House-led Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP). The partners
[SPS] Cape Town (South Africa) -South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Ms. Naledi Pandor, declared that her Government "will continue to urge Morocco to act in honour of UN
Image copyright Getty ImagesImage caption A protester's placard reads: "Not easy but achievable" Around a year ago, on 22 February 2019, Algerians thronged the streets to protest against then-Presiden
[CAJ News] Guangzhou -AFRICAN students are leaving China in droves as the death toll from the coronavirus (COVID-19) wreaking havoc in the Asian country soars above 2 000. Original link
[CAJ News] Tripoli -OVER 600 migrants intercepted at the Mediterranean Sea and returned to Libya at the beginning of the year are unaccounted for. Original link

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15 January 2020
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The good news is that there are numerous exercises you can do that will help you alleviate back pain and strengthen your back muscles. Here’s what you can do. Identifying the problemBack pain is somet...
13 June 2019
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Global Firepower recently released its rankings for the world's military powers. Of special interest is the Africa region due to its unique challenges in combating extreme terrorism and insurgency. Be...
22 January 2020
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Security is the principal obligation of government, because it is the most important need of man. Life is universally considered sacred, but only the lives of the ruling oligarchy is sacred in Nigeria...
21 February 2020
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It helps to raise consumer awareness about the brand, products, and is most efficient because these ads are placed in the lifts and the lifts have very rare distractions so the people in t...
27 April 2019
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Ayanna Pressley ain’t here to play: “Don’t dare invoke one of the darkest days of terrorism in MY city to stoke fear and derail a meaningful conversation” she says. Read more...Original linkOriginal a...

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24 July 2018
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Cheikh Anta Diop (1923-1986) was an Afrocentric historian, anthropologist, physicist and politician who studied the human race’s origins and pre-colonial African culture from Senegal was affectionately known as the Pharaoh of Knowledge.For long, the ...
30 August 2014
C.1798-1865 Betsey Stockton was born into slavery, and emerged as a religious and academic pioneer. She was instrumental in bringing formal education to indigenous Hawaiians and Native Americans, and in establishing numerous schools.A Young Missionar...
03 September 2014
1907-1996 Nicknamed “Chief” by his aviation students, Charles Alfred Anderson, Sr.. served as the Chief Civilian Flight Instructor for the Tuskegee Institute ’s groundbreaking program to train black pilots. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt establ...
03 September 2014
1844-? Cathay Williams was the only known female African American Buffalo Soldier. She was the first black woman to be documented for her service in the U.S. Army before women were officially allowed to enlist.Buffalo WomanWilliams was born in Septem...
07 September 2014
1925?-2003 Celia Cruz rose from her musical career in Latin America to become the leading female Afro-Cuban and Salsa vocalist in the United States, becoming a symbol of the spirit of the Cuban expatriate community.Café con LecheCruz was born Ursula ...
27 August 2014
1912-2002 Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., was one of the pioneering African Americans who attended the military academy at West Point before the second World War. The Air Forces first black general, he commanded the legendary Tuskegee group of fighter pilots...
22 August 2014
1894-1984 Benjamin E. Mays was a pastor, a passionate advocate of education, and an inspirational leader in the modern Civil Rights Movement. As the president of Morehouse College in Atlanta for 21 years, he guided the institution as it rose to the t...

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