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  • The Queen soapie teasers: What’s happening this October 2022?


    Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA.

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    Coming up on The Queen this October 2022:

    Monday 3 October 2022
    Episode 51

    Family matters

    Aunt Celiwe warns Litha that she is going to keep digging till she finds out what is going on. After a bonding breakthrough, Nkosiyabo messes it all up. Will Brutus forgive him this time?

    Tuesday 4 October 2022
    Episode 52

    Extreme measures

    Brutus tries to get Nkosiyabo back in line. Londiwe wants Aunt Celiwe gone from the house. Mpumelelo presses the Zulus for answers about the corpse in the yard.

    Wednesday 5 October 2022
    Episode 53

    Desperate minds

    Brutus’ extreme measures to rid Nkosiyabo of his addiction begin. The Zulu house fears what Mpumelelo will find during his search of the premises.

    Thursday 6 October 2022
    Episode 54

    Change or die

    Harriet makes a shocking discovery. Mjekejeke crumbles under pressure. The tension between Londiwe and Celiwe finally explodes.

    Friday 7 October 2022
    Episode 55

    The hard truth

    The Khozas are forced to come face to face with what Nkosiyabo has become. Patronella’s guilty conscience starts to threaten the Zulu family’s freedom. Londiwe battles all of her demons.

    Monday 10 October 2022
    Episode 56

    A taste of freedom

    Cebo’elihle goes against Brutus’ wishes regarding Nkosiyabo. Londiwe sees Aunt Celiwe in a new light after she reveals the reason why she was overprotective. Mpumelelo makes a tough decision regarding his family’s freedom.

    Tuesday 11 October 2022
    Episode 57

    Out of control

    Nkosiyabo sinks deeper into the drug quagmire. Schumacher sees a mystery woman and is blown away. Litha is stunned away by Londiwe and Aunt Celiwe’s newfound warmth.

    Wednesday 12 October 2022
    Episode 58

    An uphill climb

    Nkosiyabo hits rock bottom. Londiwe begins her recovery journey.

    Thursday 13 October 2022
    Episode 59

    A son’s cry for help

    Nkosiyabo is ready to get help and turn his life around. There’s a possible new love interest in Schumacher’s life.

    Friday 14 October 2022
    Episode 60

    On the edge

    Aunt Celiwe tries to get Londiwe and Duma to reconcile. Brutus struggles with what to do about Nkosiyabo. Schumacher lays on the charm for Andiswa.

    Monday 17 October 2022
    Episode 61

    The path ahead

    A new day dawns for Nkosiyabo. Duma almost causes a deadly accident. Brutus faces an attacker.

    Tuesday 18 October 2022
    Episode 62

    Sins of the past

    The past comes back to haunt Harriet. Schumacher finds himself excited at having a new shot at love. Londiwe starts to repair bridges despite Litha’s strong disapproval.

    Wednesday 19 October 2022
    Episode 63

    Chickens come to roost

    Schumacher makes headway with Andiswa. Harriet gets an unexpected visit. Londiwe is keeping a secret.

    Thursday 20 October 2022
    Episode 64

    Payback time

    Harriet gets a chilling message from Thomas when she fails to give him what he wants. Aunt Celiwe is determined to glue the family back together but hits a stumbling block. Andiswa makes a good impression at the Zulu household.

    Friday 21 October 2022
    Episode 65

    Walking for survival

    The Khoza boys will do everything in their power to save one of their kin. Schumacher’s love life takes an unexpected turn.

    Monday 24 October 2022
    Episode 66

    In ruins

    Londiwe is becoming desperate to bring money in for Mnotho’s sake. Thomas drops a bomb on Brutus.

    Tuesday 25 October 2022
    Episode 67

    Cat and mouse

    Harriet and Thomas play a cat and mouse game. The Jamas are in trouble and try to reach out to Skhumbuzo but he turns them down. 

    Wednesday 26 October 2022
    Episode 68

    Blood ties

    Brutus learns the shocking truth about Mzi’s death. Londiwe makes a plan to get some money. Schumacher flirts with Mncedisi.

    Thursday 27 October 2022
    Episode 69

    Desperate times

    Londiwe hits a snag in her plan to win over Skhumbuzo. Schumacher pulls the rug under Andiswa’s feet. Harriet makes the ultimate sacrifice.

    Friday 28 October 2022
    Episode 70

    Sex and violence

    Schumacher is torn between two siblings. Londiwe is determined to get Skhumbuzo on her side. Will Harriet survive the gunshot?

    Monday 31 October 2022
    Episode 71

    Love hurts

    Schumacher quickly learns that he can’t have his cake and eat it. Harriet is caught off guard by Brutus’ proposal for their future. Londiwe pulls a rabbit out of a hat and forces Skhumbuzo’s hand.

    Premiere episodes of The Queen air on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.

    Don’t miss out! Read more teasers here.

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