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  • Illegal land purchases: 90 homes DEMOLISHED in Polokwane


    On Monday, 24 October, approximately 90 illegally erected houses were demolished in Senwabarwana, Polokwane.

    A court order allowed for the demolition

    This followed a court order as the homes were erected on municipal land. It was revealed that the occupants allegedly paid R7 000 for each individual to own a piece of land.

    The Blouberg Municipality said they were enforcing a court order to the ‘illegal occupants’ of the land. Adding that the land belongs to the Municipality.

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    Municipal Spokesperson Peter Moruthane said the occupants purchased sites from an individual who claimed to own the land.

    The municipality and illegal occupants did not reach a conclusion after three years

    He explained that the people were engaged for over three years but no conclusion was reached.

    “That is why we took the legal route and a court ordered the illegal occupants to remove their structures,”

    said Moruthane.

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    He stated that the court order was issued last year and that they enforced it on Monday through the sheriff of the court. 

    “We are removing all illegal structures erected here,” said Moruthane.

    The occupants reportedly purchased the land from an individual who claimed to own a portion of the land. Photo: Stock Image / Pixabay

    A notice was given to the occupants on Sunday about the demolition

    TimesLIVE reports that Municipal Manager Refilwe Ramothwala issued a notice on Sunday, 23 October. The notice warned the illegal occupants of the pending demolition.

    The notice stated that in an effort to address illegal land occupation, the Municipality would demolish the following structures on the farm:

    • Bochum144 LS;
    • Bochum145 LS and;
    • The remaining extent of the farm Borkum143 LS.

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    Ramothwala told the publication that on 19 October last year, the Limpopo High Court ruled that “all people unlawfully invading the farms are directed to remove all structures erected on the mentioned farms within 72 hours from October 19 2021.”

    He further explained that if the occupants did not remove the structures on the farms or vacate the property, they were authorised to remove the people and all structures.

    “The illegal occupants failed to comply and the municipality was left with no option but to enforce the court order,” said Ramothwala.

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