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  • Brazilian Police Make Checkpoints Hindering Movement of Voters


    A few hours before the conclusion of the Brazilian runoff on Sunday, democratic social and political forces denounced events that could be hindering the electoral process.


    Brazilian Polling Stations Begin to Receive Voters

    In response to the complaints, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) asked the Federal Highway Police (PRF) for explanations for carrying out operations that are hindering the free movement of citizens.

    TSE President Alexandre de Moraes summoned PRF Director Silvinei Vasques to ask why the police are carrying out checkpoints, despite the fact that the electoral authority expressly prohibited any police action that could hinder the transportation of voters.

    The tweet reads, "Using the police, Bolsonaro is preventing people in the Brazilian northeast from being able to vote freely. In other cities, buses full of voters remain stopped in precincts near voting centers."

    Through social networks, citizens denounced the checkpoints are taking place mainly in the Northeast, a region that has traditionally supported the Workers' Party presidential candidate Lula da Silva.

    The Brazilian Northeast has the largest number of states in the country: Alagoas, Bahia, Ceara, Maranhao, Paraiba, Piaui, and Pernambuco. Within this region, many Indigenous peoples have actively opposed the environmental destruction caused by President Jair Bolsonaro.

    The majority of the Indigenous population lives in rural areas and travels to voting centers by bus. Stopping these vehicles implies directly obstructing the movement of voters, as denounced by independent media.

    The tweet reads, “Federal Highway Police disobeys the TSE and multiplies actions against voter transportation.”

    "They are trying to end one of the most sacred rights of our Constitution: the vote. It is an action with clearly electoral objectives. Let the Northeast vote!" Senator Humberto Costa said.

    "Urgent! The Bolsonarist Federal Highway Police director Silvanei Vasques stated through a statement that he will NOT carry out any order from Alexandre de Moraes. THAT IS A COUP!," outlet PopTime tweeted, attaching the document signed by Vasques.

    During the first round held on Oct. 2, Lula da Silva obtained 48.12 percent of the valid votes in the Northeast states, while Bolsonaro obtained 43.47 percent.



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