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Maafa 21 – Black Genocide in 21st Century America

The title comes from the Swahili term "Maafa," which means tragedy or disaster and is used to describe the centuries of global oppression of African people during slavery, apartheid and colonial rule, while the number "21" refers to an alleged maafa in the 21st century (though beginning in the 19th), which the film says is the disproportionately high rate of abortion among African Americans.

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Race Classification in Brazil

Whiteness in Brazil is often defined at the intersection between race and class. In Brazil, one's racial classification is not only dependent on skin color but is also influenced by the perception of self and the perception from others.

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Warrior Woman – Ida B. Wells-Barnett

In the latter part of nineteenth century, social theories from Ida B. Wells-Barnett were forceful blows against the mainstream White male ideologies of her time. Ida Wells was born on July 16, 1862, in Holly Springs, Mississippi. It was the second year of the Civil War and she was born into a slave family.


A Continuous Cycle: Atlantic Slave Trade and Black Panthers

During the Atlantic Slave Trade, Afrikans notably sold "a majority" of other captive Afrikans of neighboring ethnic groups. This (1) contributed to the exploitation of the "black" person, which has contributed significantly to modern-day racism and the racism, i.e. slavery and black genocide,


My Black Story

In the early centuries the n-word was used by people to epithet blacks into slavery. The n-word was part of racism in America which had no constitutional amendments for dark skinned people. Furthermore, the n-word was used exclusively by Europeans for demonetization purposes until the late 1960's.


South Africa: Pressing for Black Liberation

In my family, we often call our fathers and uncles "Baba" which is a Swahili word denoting our ancestral relationship to them and a term of respect. I still remember Baba's red, black and green hat that said "Free Mandela" and his use of the word "Amandla".

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