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If you would like to contribute to the Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue™, you can submit an article or essay below. We are looking for work on topics, such as the “Twenty-Fifth Dynasty of Egypt” or an essay on the “Epidemic of HIV/ AIDS in Black Communities”.

Writers can receive full credit for the work that they submit. This will be via a short biography, name, contact info, link to website or social media, a picture, etc.

What We're Looking For:

  • Articles, essays, research papers.
  • Correct grammar and punctuation.
  • A good summary of the topic.
  • Work must be original to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Cite references (preferably MLA, APA, or CMOS format).


In addition to our general Terms & Conditions, when you submit an article to the Black Peoples Dialogue™, we may modify, add or remove content as we see fit.

To receive credit for any article you submit, you should include any short bio, name or nickname, and any contact links with the article you submit.

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