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We are looking for Volunteer Writers. The type of work we're looking include topics, such as the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty of Egypt or an essay on the Epidemic of HIV/ AIDS in Black Communities.

Writers will/ can receive full credit for the work that they produce. This will be by Author profile, Author’s name on work, and or Author’s name can be linked to Author’s website or online profile or contact link.

Type of People We're Looking For

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Activists


  • Donate an article: If you'd like to simply submit an article to the Afrii-Diaspora Dialogue, contact us here.
  • Work with us: We're looking for Blog Writers and, depending on the quality of work, Content Contributors.

General Requirements

  • Good grammar and punctuation (writing) skills.
  • Knowledgeable on such topics or be willing and have the ablitily to research and obtain accurate information about such topic.
  • Other helpful skills (not required)
    • Basic skills/ experienece in HTML/ CSS document formatation and tags.
  • Work must be original to avoid copyright infringement.

Blog Writers

  • 500 (or more) word articles, essays, or posts (poetry, etc.)
  • Must know correct grammar and punctuation.

Content Writers

  • 800-word Articles or Essays.
  • Grammar and punctuation is important (But I can work with anyone if I spot errors).
  • Produce a good summary of topic.
  • Cite references (preferably MLA or CMOS format).

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